KISStorians, I appeared on Easter on COLLECTORS CALL starring Lisa Whelchel, which airs Sunday nights at 9pm Central on MeTV nationwide, please check your local listings. I played an expert at KISS fanatic Zach & Melanie Vege’s home to help evaluate the total value of his hard-core KISS collection, a real treat for any KISStorian! WATCH KISSTORIAN / COLLECTORS CALL EPISODE

Zach had just about everything I don’t, I was transfixed by the scope of the presentation; a full basement dedicated to the history of the band. My favorite part of the day was when Zach unveiled his custom made KISS road case in which he cherishes all of KISS’s albums, on vinyl. Though not a fan per se, Lisa was struck by the fact that the guys had done 4 solo albums at the zenith of their true heyday in 1978, remarking “wow … so that had to have caused some friction in the band … whose sold best? Ahh… from the mouths of babes. Zach was quick to explain the situation.

I really hope the show is a huge success because Lisa and everyone involved in the production are awesome, please share with your friends!


  1. Great episode. I saw several things I acquired way back.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis Wolock from Howard Marks Advertising back in the 80’s. He gave me a few neat Kiss things I may want to part with someday. Please contact me.

  2. Hello, I know this is an older post, but I’m browsing and came across your blog. Congrats on your appearance on Collector’s Call. I’m sorry I missed the episode. I did watch the CC extra about the KISS belt buckle and wanted to let you know that back in 1977, I wore that very same Love Gun belt buck on my first day of junior high school. It was attached to a brown leather belt that had “Paul Stanley” engraved on it in yellow letters. I thought I was so cool 🙂

    • that sounds pretty bad ass Jamie! Belt buckles, yeah. By the time ’79 came around you weren’t wearin’ that belt or buckle anymore huh? the only thing I had that was cool was a red vinyl copy of Love Gun, which I later traded someone for a VhS boot of Houston ’77, no regrets, thanks for checking in, KISStorian!

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