KISStorians ode to LYDIA CRISS & “Beth”

peter77.3So yeah, I actually got to sing  Peter Criss’s  Kiss classic “Beth” to his former wife, Lydia Criss, at the NJ KISS Store convention a couple years ago. Lydia accepted the Peoples Choice Award on behalf of Peter and the band in 1976!.

I threw Lydia off a bit by the video camera and the ambush when I  interviewed her impromptu and, when she admitted “Beth” was her favorite I said “Would you like me to sing it to you?”.

I was like “did I just say that” ….the moment just struck me and  I was already ducked down because she was sitting so I  just continued to one knee and sang a verse to her. When I started everyone at the convention shut like it was a moment and thinking “who the fuck is singing “Beth” to Peter’s wife dude?!”

What an honor. Lydia Criss is a classy delight to have met. You must check out and buy her book Sealed With A Kiss  Great pics from a great photographer behind the scene’s as she was and a great story-line throughout the book. Like a mini-Kisstory slanted Peter’s way. Nice.

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