LIU promo shot from England

I bought this in some record store in London, England in ’85. It’s an ANABAS (Magazine) promo shot that looks like it was taken pre-show at one of KISS’s October dates in England in 1983 when they kicked off the LIU tour overseas as a KISStorically smart ‘hedged bet’. Gene & Paul were determined to not repeat the disaster state-side that the Creatures of The Night / 10th Anniversary Tour was for the lads. Starting in Europe gave them time to not only get comfortable in their own skin live but to wait for LIU to take hold at MTV and on radio in the US. On what must have seemed a lot like The 8th Day or worse, KISS was rising from the rock & roll dead.LIUpromo


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  1. Being from England, I remember this 8 x 10 well – this seemed to be in quite a few greeting card shops, etc, from mid 1984 and for the next 18 months or so. The company also (re)issued the famous b&w 8 x 10 shot of the band on Westminster Bridge, London from May 1976.
    Anabas were a UK based company that put out a few KISS posters too, probably the most well known being the full length shot of the Creatures line up (with Ace!) that had the purple/damson coloured background…..Memories! 🙂

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