KISStorian profile: MITCH LAFON


photoRenown rock critic and noted-KISStorian Mitch Lafon graciously took a few moments out from daily family KISStory lessons and other duties to give us the straight dope on the hottest band in all the land. He is the very first first to walk this plank. and is Canadian no less; such bravery! Funny: we all have so much in common and yet have so much left to disagree about. C’mon and …what?!

first KISS song heard? Most likely the first song on Love Gun, ” I Stole Your Love”

first KISS concert? Aug 6th 1979 – Montreal Forum

favorite 5 KISS albums? KISS – Kiss, COTN, Revenge, Love Gun, Alive 2

favorite KISS member? Paul Stanley for keeping it Alive for 40 years

favorite KISS tour? Revenge

favorite KISS guitarist? Ace

favorite KISS drummer? Eric Singer

favorite KISS merchandise? The albums

favorite ear / costumes? Dynasty

favorite KISS song? “C’mon And Love Me”


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