LA KISS, even the losers…

4th-and-loud….get lucky sometimes, but that old adage may have run its course in KISS terms because Gene & Paul’s latest venture, 4th & Loud on AMC, seems a loser all around. I hate to pile on the flagging AFL LA KISS but this may go down as one of grease-painted twins biggest missteps, 2nd perhaps only to the abominable 70’s movie venture, KISS Meets The Phantom of The Park.

I amn afraid it is a bit of a second-rate affair all around. The only one who comes off as even remotely cool is Sir Paul but, beyond that, it’s a cringe-worthy train wreck. My best guess is this doesn’t end well for the KISS brand, especially when the NFL announces that the St. Louis Rams will be returning to LA soon. It may not take that long for this one to go the way of the The Elder. Unless Gene & Paul join the team on the sidelines to draw up Kiss-song–inspired custom plays, I can’t see it working out.

Demon – “Paul, lets run DEUCE on 2 in this situation, it makes sense” 

Starchild – “No, we need a show stopper … BLACK DIAMOND on 1”   

My least favorite character is the teams GM, Brett Bouchy, who may wish he never get involved when it’s all over. Watching him suffer though as the team fails and camera reveals his daily foibles is the only pleasure I seem to get in watching the show, save the occasional detached check-in with the Starchild & Demon sans make-up.

Beleaguered Head Coach Bob McMillan is the only semi-compelling glue holding this puppy together, poor guy. Watch closely and you will see him repeatedly, when vexed, do a top of the head to the chin face wipe with his right hand that is 100% Curly Howard from the classic The Three Stooges. Why I oughta…

I also have to laugh at the poorly delivered bullshit over-dubbed fake broadcaster narrative added to the game action montages. They set it up as if there is a live broadcast somewhere, on the radio, or on TV, but alas there is not so …. It’s embarrassingly intended to create gravitas in an arena where there simply isn’t any to be found, beyond Bouchy’s constant misery.

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