KISStorian’s 5 best BRUCE KULICK KISS solos

As acropped-scan0014-51.jpg matter of fate, unfortunately Bruce Kulick is slightly land-locked in the 80’s because he had to wear so many fret-defying hats in KISS‘s post make-up, hair band phase. But Bruce is a guilty pleasure with no bad after taste who has done some excellent guitar work with KISS and beyond, especially on his solo disc BK3. But, as it relates to our furry fab four, these are this KISStorians’ top 5 of all time:

“HELL OR HIGH WATER”  – You get sizzle & steak on this ripping solo from Kulick. The high point is the Hendrix-infused long high bend that is, to me, the hottest shit he’s ever laid down. Say what you will about the production on Crazy Nights, in some ways it’s Bruce’s most succinct and dialed in 80’s sound. It’s consistent through-out and one of the most pleasing elements of the album. The fade out riffage is hot also. It reminds me a lot of his brother Bob to be honest and, by all accounts, this take is the Demon’s favorite Kulick shred on tape. Ripping Kulick.

“TEARS ARE FALLING” – Off the semi-screechy Asylum opus from ’85, Bruce’s solo here is A1, top-notch, super-melodic and ends on a searing jam of high notes that removes bras at Paul’s request (yeah, he produced it). The harmony guitar line is so cool — instantly singable, hooky, and a big part of the tunes appeal. Pure melodic 80’s Kulick.

“KING OF THE MOUNTAIN” – Also off Asylum, the Kulick solo here, and the extended outro jam out, is hairy and yet slick thanks to what seems like a long leash from Paul. Bruce managed to do some sweet Van Halenesque tapping and yet infuse the blues into his playing like the classics Clapton, Page, Beck, Hendrix and, dare I say, the original ‘Spaceman’ Ace Frehley. Majestic Kulick.

“FOREVER” – Though slightly saccharine for this KISStorian’s tastes as a number, Bruce really shines on an acoustic solo that elevates the song nicely (if not the entire Hot In The Shade album). I don’t think it could be improved on (though who wouldn’t love hearing the electric version he apparently did that ended left on the cutting room floor in favor of the keen radio-friendly approach). I am especially fond of the descending phrase at the end of the figure.  It’s so tasty a solo in fact that it is, musically speaking, a legitimately KISStoric highlight/moment. Classy Kulick.

“I WALK ALONE” – Bruce’s swan song on Carnival of Souls, and his only lead vocal with the lads, “I Walk Alone” is down right epic and recalls the guitar work of Queen’s Brian May. You can really feel the love on this track, perhaps more than any other KISS/Kulick effort. It’s a great song that is somehow in KISS’s wheel house and yet a little farther reaching in scope. If God Gave Rock & Roll to You and I, the fact that “I Walk Alone” made the record is a miracle of Biblical proportions; must have been the 8th Day? Amen. Epic Kulick.



  1. Crazy Nights is one the best KISS albums aroumd and the lyrics are phenomena. Makes me wanna go out and buy a guitar

  2. those leads are Great ,
    Except let’s say 5 more
    1. Everytime I look at you
    2. Silver Spoon
    3. Street Giveth
    4. Reason to Live
    5. Who wants to be lonely . I don’t really think Kiss Fans can Argue that Bruce is a Great Guitarist , I don’t think anyone that can before or after him could fill his Shoes, Bottom Line .. He’s a Bad Ass .

  3. You’d Forgot Revenge album solos. Unhloly, Tought Love and god gave rock and roll to you are monster solos!

    • I know I did… ironically even though the guitar work by Bruce Kulick on ‘Revenge’ is more in keeping with classic KISS, and I love some of them, they aren’t as strong in my mind as some of the others off other records. Just the way the cookie crumbled. They were more raw, yes. The were more angry, yes. Maybe having Bob Ezrin looking on brought out more of Bruce the musician than Bruce the lead guitarist in some ways. His colorings in the tunes are great, but the solos aren’t as memorable to me or, put another way, don’t elevate the song like others he did prior and then on Carnival Of Souls. What I do love about some of it is that he sounds the way he did on the Animalize tour but, to be honest, some of the Revenge material is lacking and that’s why the solos don’t ‘happen’. They are just pearls on a pig.

  4. I was a die hard Ace fan growing up and was also pretty heavily into Vinnie Vincent. My own playing is very heavily Ace influenced, but without a doubt, Bruce Kulick is the best guitarist to ever set foot onstage as a member of KISS. The band grew much more, musically, when he joined.

  5. Tears Are Falling is a really good song, and the solo is quite haunting. It’s so melodic that I can start whistling it in my car.

  6. 1. Forever
    2. Turn on the night
    3. I’m Alive
    4. Any Way You Slice It
    5. No no no

    • Kudos for Asylum huh? Turn On The Night solo is also one of my favs! “No No No” is the worst KISS song of all time — Demon take a bow … well maybe besides Cadillac Dreams that is lol..

      • No no no is Gene’s 80′ special grab. But i mean that song solo.

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