KISS ‘HITS’ tour video hack

Something about KISS’s 1990 tour today feels like the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ to me: there’s no place like home when KISS is rocking the Heartland!


















DYNASTY, evolution in KISStory

As I listen to it now, seemingly 100,00 years from 1979, it dawns on me that KISS‘s controversial release, Dynasty, is a direct result of the 4 solo albums, damn good and in many ways the band’s ‘White Album’; disjunct yet many splendored. Strong as it is, turns out that selling out is a ‘Dirty Livin’.

For all it’s detracting elements, Dynasty is time piece worth revisiting on so many levels, a pivotal moment in KISStory that sees the band at their apex staring into the abyss. In a mere 5 years, KISS had gone from a dirty underground leathered shock rock band with a demonic tinge, largely thanks to Simmons early incarnations, to the biggest fucking band in the world. ‘The Return of KISS’ in ’79 with Dynasty is mega-KISS fully mechanized for world domination, with a sure-fire disco hit for radio as the ace up their sleeves. ‘Beth’ lit the radio lamp, and others kept it afloat (‘Hard Luck Woman’, ‘Dr. Love’) but ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ signaled that KISS had no choice but to compete, something ironically no one believed they’d be able to do beyond the initial buzz. Dynasty proved all the early critics wrong and yet proved them all right: KISS was more a ‘business’ than a band, as they had suspected. By 1979, KISS had over-saturated the market with product and, ironically, become almost too good, and certainly too well packaged. In modern terms, KISS had been on an amazing run but were ‘played out’.

But backing up, and without the hindsight of KISStory, Dynasty truly benefits musically from the reality that, with the solo records behind them, they were now a four headed monster with distinct styles, voices and proclivities. It must have been all Bill Aucoin could handle, knowing surely it could not go on at this clip forever; he had created four madmen by enabling each as true stars.

Yes, Dynasty — the proof maybe right there in the title? The fact that they would consider such a title while they still had the sour taste left by the over pressing of the 4-solo albums, seems a little too boastful for (even) KISS, especially on the heels of the Double Platinum hits package. Then add the heightened competition the solo album endeavor created between the band members. The fact that¬†rock producer legends Eddie Kramer & Bob Ezrin had both extracted hits from Peter Criss, and the fact that Ace outflanked all his bandmates with his Kramer produced version of ‘New York Groove’, makes ’79 an interesting time for Simmons & Stanley, the founders and true architects of the bands ultimate survival.

It was Paul Stanley’s time for a hit, and disco had so much in common with his Motown roots, it just fit like a glove. If ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ hadn’t have made it, ‘Sure Know Something’ might have in its stead? Certainly, no way though that Gene, no matter how wonderfully he modernized his growl on Dynasty, was going to fit in a disco suit, musically speaking. Gene’s megalomania by ’79 was not focused on music per se, it was ‘Super KISS” and any way you slice it, he was having another piece. Over satiated, and likely a shrewd decision, Gene let Paul take the lead, and it worked. Crafty move also to placate Ace simultaneously by giving the Spacemen, for the first time on any KISS record, more songs on it than the Bat-Demon himself!

But to the music — this is great KISS record, and the best song on it is Criss’s ‘Dirty Livin” followed by Stanley’s ‘Magic Touch’ and Gene’s cartoonishly brilliant ‘X-Ray Eyes’. Produced by Vinnie Poncia with Criss M.I.A. and Anton Fig on the skins, Dynasty is a snapshot of four stars shifting orbits, about to combust. As fucked up as they were, and however separate they were in recording various tracks on it, Dynasty is a singular powerhouse that hangs tough today. Unfortunately though in ’79 the face shock value of “I Was Made For Loving You” was too much for US hard rock fans to endorse, regardless of Frehley’s stellar and oft overlooked contributions to the party. And. even though Criss was practically persona non-grata at this stage of the game, one can’t help but wonder how KISStory’s path may have changed had KISS lead with the compelling, dark disco soul of ‘Dirty Livin’ as the single? or if they had nixed “I Was Made For Loving You” altogether?!

While the Beatles asked you to not judge a book by it’s cover with their famously blank ‘White Album’ cover, KISS instead forces us to follow the ever-evolving plot with Dynasty. Blatantly no longer street, KISS had become elite and had no choice but to embrace their celebrity, hence the biggest mistake on the album, the self-absorbed title.


What a treat to get to not only talk to Richie Scarlet about his new single “The Catman & The Emperor” featuring Peter Criss on drums but to get to stream it with you here with you KISStorians! Richie kindly shares his heartfelt ‘Rock Soldiers’ inspiration for the tune, info on pre-orders of the green & purple vinyl “The Catman & The Emperor” single, news of Scarlet’s forth-coming full-length album and announcement of his ‘Show Of Shows’ virtual concert, streaming live from the Bowery Electric on January 30th!

I first met Richie on the Trouble Walkin’ Tour in Rochester, NY and again a couple times in Chicago at Ace shows. Always cool, always chill and, on stage, always the consummate ‘Rock Soldier’ and sympathetic player. I’ve always dug his voice and vibe. Wish Frehley’s Comet had launched with Scarlet in the line-up as I have the tape of the bands very first show @ Club L’Amour in Brooklyn and it’s a glorious ‘shot full of rock’!!

ACE FREHLEY’s Origins Vol.2 a good time

Thanks eOne for the advance of the 4-seam fastball that is ACE FREHLEY’s Origins Vol.2. And, hot stove news spoiler, it’s a well-paced labor of love and a real stellar rock & roll party! Go figure right? …AAACCKKK! but, same as it ever was, no pretense and no fluff = good times. And like your favorite pair of jeans, faded but not jaded, Frehley rolls on Les Paul a blazin’, narrowly outflanking ‘Origins Vol.1’ on an adjacent orbit, phasers set again for fun, America’s favorite past-time.
>> GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES – no big shock, Ace’s has had his share, but real nice to have Pagey in the lead-off influences/origins spot, speedin’ back, I don’t mean maybe, but I still don’t seem to care — it was Ace’s Page-like phrasing and detached ‘rock or be rocked’ vibe that got him the KISS gig, hence the spot on delivery of this rock crucible
>> NEVER IN MY LIFE – this may be about torpedo girl herself, or the ultimate Mountain women, certainly a Richie Scarlet infusion with 2-sides of the coin’ to choose from …”feel like a bolt of lightning!” …best tune on the album?

>> SPACE TRUCKIN’ – hard, heavy, foxy ‘n free spaced Deep Purple (slight return), ample G-forces to take your breath away just long enough to ascertain the Space Bear is M.I.A. again, riding’ high in the saddle with Blackmore’s gang

>> I’M DOWN – and out!! and down to the wire!! There’s no escape from this island of guilty FabFour pleasures, special thanks to a bench hit from John 5 and a delightfully spirited lead vocal from Mr. Excitement …does anyone remember laughter? good times!
>> JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH – Lita Ford kisses us deadly on this tag team sortie and it’s a gas, gas, gas runnin’ outta oxygen as the 2,000 man casts more lightning bolts across the pond — don’t run, good things are at hand, little runaway. Ace’s chorus vocal is as chill as the pill
>> THE POLITICIAN – Frehley diplomatic mythos manifested in finely aged Cream, a deep dive into earthly matters, couch calls, fractured mirrors and the non-partisan ozone, not my favorite track but it does belie the ‘origins’ of the “Space Bear” riff off Frehley’s 2009 release, Anomaly.
>> LOLA – Faithfully Kinked out by Ace, as with “All The Day And All The Night” on Vol.1, “Lola” & British Invasion continue to offer Frehley gender-bending hooks to burn and further insight into his keen pop sensibility, one of the best cuts on here
>> 30 DAYS IN THE HOLE – Robin Zander dices this classic up like Zoro; all treat, no tricks, rollin’ numbers, rock & roll, got my Humble Pie records out, surrender, this is grade A rock and an awesome pairing, would love to see these two do more together, what a long strange trip it’s been!
>> MANIC DEPRESSION – fellow KISS gunslinger Bruce Kulick channels Hendrix, summoning his wah-wah and acid rock swells as Ace waits on deck, bringing BK round with a base-clearing lead coda, a guitar Donnybrook
>> KICKS – A fair distance from Route 66, Ace takes this pure pop sedan, removes the top and mods it for turbo, mining seminal rhythm riffs that would help shape his approach to KISS tunes, then get his kicks. go through a park and space their heads out
>> WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE – a surprisingly rockin’ rendering of this soulful 60’s Picasso, obliterating the gravity on earth that used to hold us Animals down, gotta get away, leavin’ tomorrow by some way … reminds me of Ace’s take on Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” off Origin’s vol.1 in the decidedly creative approach / re-write, really fun versions
>> SHE – Old School, plus 40 years, Ace hits the boosters on the outro, catapulting into the free-form unknown so rarely glimpsed in KISS’s cannon, wailing comets, dressed to kill, and doin’ well for others.
Great album, home run

God bless BOB KULICK

Bob was a monster player, producer, talent & personality that, from where I am sitting, typified what rock & roll is really all about — speaking your truth, following your heart, living your passion, helping other artists and telling the dream killers to fuck off!

Our deepest condolences to brother Bruce, the Kulick family and the KISS Army who, like me, are realizing what an incredible loss this is to the music community at large.

In Bob’s honor, my brother and I, the KISStorian Brothers, have finally done our first podcast, it is now available on Anchor, Spotify, GooglePodcasts, Breaker, PocketCast and RadioPublic.

God bless you Bob, thanks for all the great music man, Rock & Roll!