KISStorian’s PAUL STANLEY cooking show

60'S PAULNow we see our pals Paul & Gene often with food as it relates to their launch of the Rock & Brews franchises but me and my brother Rich had for years joked about how hilarious it would be for Paul to do a cooking show in stage persona at some point? like….”How many of you people out there like Cold Pizza?”

I was ahead of the game here and one night, over-served a bit, I took to creating a couple possible examples spur of the moment so please go easy on me.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the inspiration of a guitarist friend of mine, Steve Gelach, who would occasionally declare he was going to order drinks as Paul Stanley and, when the bartender approached, would start in with loud /embarrassing rants like “Bartenda…Bartenda ….You know, I was thinking, it’s been a long time….I wanna have my self a big ‘ole vodka and orange juice people”.

Humility aside, these sad offerings are steeped in KISStory anyway you slice it. One of them was actually posted by the webmaster at so I like to think Paul heard it it and was like ‘okay, ha”. For those interested, the musical backdrop snippets are from KISS’s ’84 Nashville LIU appearance as featured on The King Biscuit Flower Hour.

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