mystery men Unmasked

UnmaksedCreaturesThis is cool, for a bunch of reasons….they screwed up the names & faces …… I have no recollection of where I clipped this article from or if someone gave it to me ……it is prior to the Lick It Up promo shots and MTV unveiling ……Ace has a beard …..Paul just got out of bed …..Gene looks like he is morphing still ….. Eric looks as nice as I would imagine him to be …, and a bonus seeing Creatures era Kiss with Ace in tow in a library that must be from their phony UK promo junket pre-Creatures.

These have to be official US Passport photos leaked, most likely intentionally if my spidey senses serve me right and, if so, serve as more shrewd pre-marketing and spin control with a dose of deception thrown in, unless the editor muffed the names and pix because he had no idea who was who lol!!  Kinda like Kiss’s official statement that Peter Criss left the band to “settle down and make babies”, (Translation? “NO WORRIES PEOPLE!!”) or like Ace appearing on the cover of Creatures but having already left the band.

Trippy shots huh?

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