KISStorian — FREHLEY’S COMET @ The Aragon ’87

Ace AragonMe, my bro Rich and a couple other buddies went to see Frehley’s Comet at the Aragon (Brawl) Ballroom and I believe it was Ace’s first proper Chicago show on the heels of the release of his post-KISS solo debut Frehleys Comet with Y&T and others I could care less about then as today.

We were young preppy kids (brats) who didn’t quite fit in with the great unwashed huddled up in the line that would round and through the alley to right of the venues front doors.

Little did we know the show would be recorded and later appear as a live EP of sorts as Frehley’s Comet, Live + 1 in the sense that it was only a few cuts from the show on a single record that also included a studio ‘single’ in the Comet’s “Words Are Not Enough”.

If one listens closely to the recording you will hear me throughout Aton’s drum solo yelling (you guessed it) “ANTON” and more impressively (if I may say so) at the very beginning of the crowd response to the end of “Something Moved”. On the album it was a fade out and, being in only the second row after waiting all day in line for the general admission show, one can me hear me clear as bell screaming rather hoarsely “YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” just slightly before anyone else. A proud moment for timing; I am a drummer and it was a cool ending.


  1. Awesome show and I was there also. Funny enough but I do remember someone screaming during the drum solo… I was about three rows deep on the left side of the stage so pretty close to the stage.

    • Cheers Brian! it was a great show, minus the always rough sound at the Aragon …we would have been 2nd or 3rd row just right of center … Anton rules!!
      Over the years I’ve met lots of folks who were at that same show, Ace was back, he’d told us so. Man …wish I’d snuck a camera in (or had a cell back then but, had I, it would have made me a time traveler) “I’m not feelin like a stranger tonight …glad you all showed up!”

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