ACE on the “Highway To Hell” 2007

This was posted on Youtube by Flyrhouse from 2007 and its killer. I like his film work and the real close up vantage point he no doubt earned in stiff elbows, grim glances and spilled beers. Ace’s free-form solo on ACDC’s “Highway To Hell” is a treat for the ages: He doesn’t bother to play (or probably even learn) Angus’s solo but instead just feels it and, well, kills it. It’s so old school what he does, and so very pure Ace; off the cuff. Like all his best solos in the studio, he starts with only a frame work and then “empties” his mind to let the instincts take over. He’s a natural rocker, the real deal, and not some clock punching studio pussy who couldn’t survive a day in Ace’s space boots. Hell, when Ace exhales to punch the first chord out of the solo you can tell he means it man — you know, that rock & roll thing.


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