lost & found KISS footage Detroit ’96

96KISSOn the end of a bootleg KISS VHS I got somewhere was this left over footage from an MTV cam covering the Tiger Stadium Reunion Tour kickoff in Detroit in 1996.

My favorite part of it is the walk to the stage in which the guys seem almost serene compared to the shots we are about to see of the KISS Army’s finest in a pit of sheer bedlam in front of the stage.   It reminds me of the clones in Phantom Of The Park as they take the stage like zombies as the real KISS are detained below in Devereaux’s laser-beam enabled underground bunker.

Naturally Gene & Paul lead they way after Doc McGhee beckons “together for the walk guys, together for the walk”. After all, it is their asses on the line but it’s kinda cool to see Ace and Peter hang back like brothers about to climb on a rock & roll roller coaster all over again.

You can feel the excitement as the camera man or woman then runs around to the front of the stage and we hear them being warned by someone that the curtain that is going to drop “is going to come right down on you” (if you don’t move now.)

When the band hits the stage we get a front o’ barricades view of the fall-out as smoke billows, Paul shuffles Peter plods and Ace’s guitar straps pops off. Here we are, one minute into what would become a 5 or 6 year run and Ace is already experiencing turbulence. Remember the gravity here on earth is …..

How me and my bro never made it to mecca for the KISS concert of a lifetime baffles us to this day but I do recall we tuned into to MTV that night for the clip updates culled from this very same footage.