Bob Kulick defects; a Taoist proverb & KISStoric prediction

Everyone’s already chimed in or are fixin’ to, so here’s this KISStorian’s 10 cents and a Taoist proverb for Bob Kulick that might have helped, and a semi-wack prediction end of article, cheers y’all!

So ….had Bob bit his tongue, perhaps KISS do exactly what he issued as a demand and record something with him in the way of a ‘End Of The Road’ song to accompany the bands pre-orchestrated ‘swan song” (even if I already did!)? I don’t want to pile on but, as I see it, anything can, or could have happened when it comes to KISS but Bob may have just let horse out of the barn, for good, and it’s truly spooked. For lack of greater clarity, and in search of wisdom, I submit this Taoist proverb I came across randomly earlier in the week; please forgive my paraphrasing it here:

A Farmer’s horse runs away — the next day everyone the village comes to see the Farmer, offering their condolences — “What a stroke of bad luck your only horse ran away” — the Farmer replied simply “Maybe”.

The next day, the Farmers’ horse returns with 6 other horses and the same villagers come to him to say “What a stroke of luck your only horse, who ran away, returned with all these horses for you!” — the Farmer replied simply ‘Maybe”.

The next day, the Farmer’s son tried to ride one of the new horses but was felled and broke his leg — The villagers all came through again offering “what a stroke of bad luck your son broke his leg trying to ride one of your new (gift) horses!” — the Farmer simply replied “Maybe”.

The next day, a government official comes to the Farmers door to Conscript his son into the Army  but could not he because he now has a broken leg and so cannot serve. The villagers all came bye to the visit the Farmer again, now exclaiming “what an incredible stroke of luck your son broke his leg and so cannot be Conscripted into the Army after all!?! — The Farmer simply replied “Maybe”.

Had Bob held off, who knows, ‘maybe’ Gene Simmons & Stanley would have made it up to him in some way? In a different scenario, ‘maybe’ cooler heads prevail and Bruce Kulick just tells KISS that his brother Bob, ousted from a band he helped put together for the KISS Kruise, “is really bummed out”?!? ‘Maybe’ it stays in house, and Gene & Paul right the apparent wrong before too long?

Wishful thinking? Maybe ….but I do think there may be some key info missing from the story here: primarily what Bob actually said to Bruce, and perhaps what else is going on behind the KISS end-game scenes?

Here’s my guess, at 50,000 feet:  Singer/bassist Todd Kerns, from this same semi-ill-fated KISS/Kulick Kruise band, ends up actually replacing Paul Stanley on the the very end of the ‘End of The Road Tour’ and Paul, ever living to win, gets the last laugh by looking the most magnanimous and honest of KISS’s off-the-richter-scale egos?

Wonder who is gonna get the Demon’s boots? –