SLUTTER rocks Chicago @ LiveWire

IMAG0723Women alive did SLUTTER bring the love & joy when they hit the stage dressed to kill last nite people, proving they are Chicago’s rock & roll party. They opened with “Detroit Rock City” as if to say, yo, you wanted the best, you got the best. These gals know that KISS with boobs is a heady brew and the audience beamed with delight throughout. They’re sexy and they rock, kinda like KISS used to be. Highlights for me included “Shock Me”, “Dr. Love”, “Black Diamond”, “Love Gun” and “God of Thunder” — go figure! SLUTTER have confetti cannons, an infectious sincerity and one of the coolest KISS-inspired logos in all KISStory. May God continue to bless the ladies of SLUTTER: the following impromptu interviews were done in the “Ladies Room” backstage Friday, March 6th @ Live Wire Lounge in Chicago. If you haven’t been there, and you rock, get there soon.

Front woman GG STANLEY’s singing, preening & semi-reluctant stage raps were brilliant. In some ways she is the best Paul Stanley clone I’ve seen, plus she’s got a hot bod. On the intro to “Cold Gin” she admitted she prefers a Merlot or Chianti and then, quickly tiring of the charade, simply closes with “yeah, whatever……. COLD GIN!!”. Lady Starchild smiled & laughed often at the sheer majesty of the tunes & spectacle that is SLUTTERI gotta tell you people, if you are down in the dumps, and you need something to bring you up, I think GG’s got you. 

DR. LOVE’s head wags, ghoulish glare, blood-letting and Demon growl were devilishly faithful and are a guilty treasure to be sure. Maybe it was the blood moon but, basically speaking, she’s watchin’ you, and you don’t know what to do whoa whoa ….  In fact, her decidedly menacing pleasure on “God Of Thunder” brought a comforting levity to the proceedings. We heard her words, we took heed ….it’s only right now. 

PETERLESS CRISS’s back beat nailed the early KISS groove even if she admits she has no affinity for Peter the man. She was especially strong on “King Of The Nighttime World”, “Shock Me” and “Dr. Love”. Gene once said that “when the drummer sucks even the fat girls know” and this is no exception. Peterless or not, Mrs. Criss has balls (behind the kit) plus she may be the comic genius mastermind behind SLUTTER’s considerable hi-jinx (cat).

ACE SHELEY is hot. Lady Space sounded like what you would expect if Ace had never been in KISS and then joined a KISS cover band called SLUTTER. She even kinda played her own versions of a few of the leads but with flash, balls and, dare I say, bravado. Sheley was amazing on “Shock Me”, a SLUTTER band-wide fav, taking every one at LiveWire quite literally down to the bare wire. Babe, I don’t wanna burst your bubble but she has the Mrs. Excitement vibe down, on guitar and otherwise. Her hair is perfect. She’s like a KISS dream date; my only regret was not going home with her and trading licks 🙂

PS – the outro to”Black Diamond” was A1 gonzo-rific!


KISStorian’s first KISS

IMAG0216This event marks the very beginning of my KISStory timeline and is stranger than fiction …but true.

It was Valentine’s Day 1977 and I was in 4th grade. In hindsight, a funny thing happened on the way to school that day. I didn’t take the bus for some reason or it would not have happened but on the way in to school that day I heard KISS for the first time on the car radio,

It was “Dr. Love”. I can even remember where on the ride exactly I heard the opening riff. The cowbell clank, the simple urgent heavy guitar riff and the voice of the demon were like nothing I had ever heard on my mom & dad’s Beatles, Stones, Kinks or Dylan records. I then and there declared it mine and was advised / rebuffed by mom that “one purchases such things by saving their allowances and going to the record store”.

Flash forward to the end of the school day and we are all lining up to leave the building in “single file” to the buses. One of my best friends had a “girlfriend” named Michelle and I was secretly in love with her. As he and I waited in line in the dark while our teacher Mrs. Loving (who was Marlon Brando’s sister) waited for “total silence before you can leave” I must have realized it would be my last chance to let Michelle know how I felt about her on that special day. I asked my pal quietly if it would “be okay if I KISSed Michelle also … for Valentine’s Day?”

IMAG0217He said, without hesitation, “yeah, sure, why not?”. Pretty cool for a forth grader people.

As we walked down the hall towards the buses I called out to Michelle …….she was like “yeah … what?” I said “I have to tell you a secret” and she was like “yeah…. What?”  ……I leaned in clumsily and whispered quite literally “pppsss –ppppssss—pppsssss”” and then KISSed her on the cheek.

It was exhilarating but it didn’t go well.  She screamed Yuck!”. Everyone heard it and looked over to see. On the ride home I sat alone on the bus in anguish and tears.

When I got home, my mom had bought me a Valentine’s Day gift. It was a Ronco Presents hits record called ‘Superstars’ that included “Dr. Love” by KISS but, given the gravity of the situation, I was still inconsolable, This was especially so when the weepy Bay City Rollers “The Way I Feel Tonight” came on and reduced a love sick 4th grader to a puddle.

Today Michelle and I are Facebook friends and I would tell her she is on my KISStory timeline but fear it would be a step backwards. Sometimes mom knows best.