San Fran ’77, catnip & covers

Not the greatest quality ‘fan recording’ of all time ….on SIDE 1 there are volume swells and dips and the band sounds like they got into Pete’s catnip that night in 1977 in San Francisco …..some nice rare KISS cover oddities though on SIDE 2 in “Sunshine of Your Love”, “Hey Joe”, “La Bamba”, Whole Lotta Love” and Paul’s cool Hendrix vocal imitation on on “Hey Joe”.


buckle up ’77

Sure, it’s a little scuffed up but even the youngest KISS Army members have had to take a stand once in a while on the topsy-turvy playgrounds of youth to defend their band / brand. On an art project in 4th grade I turned an aluminum can into a flat sheet that I then nailed to a wooden board of the same size and then adorned with a self-painted image of Peter Criss. A class-mate (Nick) looked at it when I was done and exclaimed ‘PETER CRISS SUCKS”. It’s inane of course, but I dropped him with a right-handed haymaker to the nose, causing him to topple, bleed and cry. I may have broken his nose. I can’t be too sure but I was in a lot of trouble. My teacher screamed aloud and was very upset if not actually troubled by the outburst. It was the first sign I might be slightly hyperactive, or a pretty serious KISS fan at least lol..  Anyway, he and I are now Facebook friends and I have been forgiven but early arts aside, nothing said “I’m with KISS” better than the belt buckle back in the day. Somehow KISS, it and I have survived ‘Under The Rose’.