Hello People

KISSTORIAN.com is my collection of stories, musings and scraps from 30 years as a rock soldier in the KISS Army. For me it started around ’77 when in 4th grade I heard “Dr. Love” on the radio of Valentines Day on the way to school and, soon after, KISS Meets The Phantom on NBC, though I wouldn’t see the band until the Lick It Up Tour in Chicago at the UIC Pavilion in February of 1984, The rest is, as for you, KISStory. Thanks for checking in, hope there’s something on here that takes you back ‘Into The Void’.

For the record, my favorite era is the original line-up and my favorite studio albums are Love Gun and perhaps Dressed To Kill. My favorite unmasked era offerings are Lick It Up and Asylum My KISS wish is for the band to do one more record, making it 3 with the new line-up, and to enlist either Kramer, Ezrin or Poncia for the finale KISS Coup De Gras. pauldave


3 thoughts on “Hello People

  1. Hey Dave.
    Never saw your Web site before until I came across your Ace article on the Kiss Asylum site. I was also at the Ace show in LaPorte. (White Lion opened, didn’t they?) Doesn’t matter. I was there to see Ace. My friends and I met him and the band afterward. They were staying at the Holiday Inn. While Ace was signing an autograph for me, I touched his hand. He looked at me like I was creepy. I couldn’t help it. I was star struck and just wanted to be able to say I touched Ace Frehley. Anyway, I’m still in the area — living in Michigan City. Good to know there’s a rock & roll fan nearby. I’ll check out your site from time to time.

    1. dude, that’s hilarious! appreciate you sharing your tale… I got to meet Ace at Gibson a couple summers ago and he was cooler than cool, like an Indian chief in some strange way(s)

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