ACE FREHLEY, back in the high life again

ACEhilifeCongrats to Ace Frehley for topping the Billboard Charts and keen KISStoric timing on the release of the fun, if semi-slapdash,  Origins; Vol. 1.

Check me on this —-am I losing my f####### mind?? I get so much guff from my band mates in Waiting For Henry (playing the Mercury Lounge in NYC Saturday, June 4th)  for being a KISS fan and trying to sneak in Ace riffs in an Alt-Americana band.  Anyway …we went as a band to see Sturgill Simpson at the Beacon a few months back. It was my first time at The Beacon as I am from Chicago.  To connect a dot here, one of my favorite Ace boots is the ‘Just For Fun Tour’ show at the Beacon in ’92 because so many cool disasters happen for Ace and yet he over comes all with great reckless aplomb. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen color footage of Ace without makeup.

So I digress … sorry ….today, a random Google search here on Mothers Day and …BOOM!!! major wack ACE ANOMALY  …Sturgill Simpson & Ace in one place? Check it @ Billboard

I wanna say something else here, people… a fucking heartfelt tip on the Firehouse hat to Paul Stanley for giving Ace the long over due KISS bump to push this “over the cliff” as Nigel from Spinal Tap would say. A few months ago I was gonna write an angry rant about how it annoys me that KISS don’t give any pub to Ace happenings etc. and I’m real glad I bit my KISS tongue.  In light of the press spats that dominated  KISS‘s ‘Rock Hall’ induction  this is a KISStorically refreshing decision by Paul — not only does he sing on ‘Fire & Water” but then does a video with Ace??!!! …it IS enough to a make a poor man cry.


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