AceCakeHow does a KISStorian feel on the eve of the release of a new Ace Frehley album? …like it’s their Birthday all over again!! Please go out and buy ‘Origins Vol. 1’ tomorrow. While you are at it, go ahead and tell your 5 coolest friends to buy it and please refuse to share MP3 of the record with anyone! It’s no longer cool; word. Otherwise? …relinquish your Rock Soldiers Fan Club button you will.

IMG_0790There certainly is something about this chocolate cake nod to Dynasty era Ace; it had light blue internal frosting as well as I recall and the big reveal (first cut was the deepest) was greeted with ooohs and aaaahhhh’s all around. Exhibit B is another singular Ace creation though this one is KISS co-branded, a wishful cake of sorts, dreamy. Turns out Space case Frehley takes the Ace space cake(s)!

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