KISStorian finds ACE FREHLEY in love on ‘Space Invader’

IMAG1145Okay, I just listened to my special edition cd copy of Ace’s new record Space Invader and one thing is really clear as I listen: Ace is in madly love with his fiance Rachel!

On “I Wanna Hold You” (a sure hit in most galaxies) Ace tells her she’s “not like the rest” in an attempt explain his mad obsession and celestial affliction. Wherever the relationship stands, he just wants her to know he’s been “dreamin’ so long” but now that he has found her, he’s content to simply “hold” her. Also a breakthrough (though Gene did admit to wanting to hold someone in ‘Come Hell Or High Water”.).

On “Gimme Feelin'” he admits he is so amped by the situation that he just wants to “celebrate” and get this: apparently they are planning to rendezvous on Mars en route to Jendel. When making such cosmic jaunts, ‘the Ace’ recognizes he’ll need an “immortal woman” to make “immortal plans” and live out his “immortal dream”. What? Yup. You see, Ace confesses on the majestic “Past The Milky Way” that “all that matters is to see you smile” as he is now, to hear him tell it, simply a “better man” for it,

Dig it man, Ace is a fun, time-traveling shaman. That’s the deal. Get your Space Invader on or be left groveling on a dying planet that has been, according to Ace, blind for at least a thousand years. Sounds about right.

Bravo Ace and a big KISS for Rachel, Ace is BAACCKK!

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